Broadband (High Speed Internet)

What is Stouffer Communications High Speed Internet?

Whether you need it for home, a small business, or large commercial applications, Stouffer Communications has an Internet connection for you. Our Internet connection is wireless from us to you--which means no phone line is required. We can connect to only one device, but then a wireless router will be required to set up a wireless network within your home or office to split off to multiple computers. Your computer will need an Ethernet card in order for the connection to work.

How do we get the broadband Internet connection to your house? wireless to the house
We install a small antenna and piece of equipment on your house that connects you to our high-speed network. 

Does Stouffer Communications have service in my area?
We service many areas with high-speed service, including many rural areas that are unable to recieve other types of Internet.  Give us a call to see if we service your home or business.

Coverage Area

Our broadband service is offered in Southwest Missouri and Southeast Kansas in the following areas. Unlike traditional broadband services, our wireless technology allows for a coverage extended areas because this technology travels via radio signal.

Southwest Missouri:

  • Joplin (including a 15 mile radius)
  • Neosho
  • Carl Junction
  • Carterville
  • Loma Linda
  • Oronogo
  • Webb City
  • Alba
  • Purcell

Southeast Kansas:

  • Baxter Springs
  • Galena
  • Riverton

Interested in our High Speed Internet?  Sign up for a site survey and we will check your location. If you live in an area that is not in our list above, then please fill out a site survey so we may evaluate that area for future coverage consideration.

High Speed Internet Pricing

Each install site is unique. During the application process we will explain the speeds that are available at your location. Stouffer Communications cannot guarantee these rates with certain types of equipment. Actual connection speeds may vary depending on the service package ordered and other factors such as hardware configuration and network traffic. Every location is set up on a PPPoE connection. Sonic walls and Linksys WRTS4G with Version 5 will not work with the PPPoE. Static IP costs are listed in the additional services.

Sign up for a free site survey and we'll make sure the connection will work at your location.

Plan Download (up to)
Upload (up to)
Monthly* Installation*
Residential 1.5 Mb 768 Kb $39.95 $99.00
Residential 3 Mb 768 Kb $49.95 $99.00
Residential 5 Mb 1.5 Mb $59.95 $99.00
Residential 7 Mb 1.5 Mb $69.95 $99.00
Residential 9 Mb 1.5 Mb $79.95 $99.00
Plan Download (up to)
Upload (up to)
Monthly* Installation*
Commercial 1.5 Mb 768 Kb $39.95 $99.00
Commercial 3 Mb 768 Kb $49.95 $99.00
Commercial 5 Mb 1.5 Mb $59.95 $99.00
Commercial 7 Mb 1.5 Mb $69.95 $99.00
Commercial 9 Mb 1.5 Mb $79.95 $99.00


* Requires a commitment of at least one year. Monthly price depends on equipment used to connect the customer and length of commitment.  

Upgrade Fee to Convert Dial-Up and DSL Packages to High Speed Wireless             $49.00


Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)

Dedicated Speed
Monthly* Installation*
5Mb Download / 5Mb Upload Dedicated Connection $250 $499
10Mb Download / 10Mb Upload Dedicated Connection $350 $499
15Mb Download / 15Mb Upload Dedicated Connection $425 $499
25Mb Download / 25Mb Upload Dedicated Connection $500 $499

Faster Service Speeds Available if desired -- up to 100Mb -- Contact us for a custom quote.

Static IP Addresses Available 1 ea $9.95/mo -- 5 ea $19.95/mo.  Quotes for larger blocks of Static IP Addesses available upon request.

* Requires a commitment of at least one year. Monthly price depends on equipment used to connect the customer and length of commitment.  


The additional services are as follows. Note that a backup Wired (DSL) connection is available for both residential and commercial plans.

Additional Services
Backup 1.5 Mb DSL (Wired) connection
Backup 3.0 Mb DSL (Wired) connection
50 additional e-mail accounts
Domain registration
"Wall fish" during installation
One static IP address
Five static IP addresses

The standard installation includes: antenna, 50' CAT 5 cable run through exterior wall or crawl space, and up to 1 and 1/2 hours of installation time. Additional installation time will be billed at $65 an hour (one hour minimum). If the customer fails to show up for an installation, the charge is $30 per incident. If the service is disconnected for reason of non-payment or abuse, the reconnect fee is $25. We will inform you of any additional charges as they arise.