High Speed Dialup OS X Installation Instructions

To begin, download the Stouffer Communications Web Accelerator Installer.

Once the package is finished downloading, run it and follow the setup wizard.

When prompted, enter your username and password.

Now the Stouffer Communications Web Accelerator is installed and ready to use. To configure the amount of acceleration, you must adjust the image quality settings. The image quality settings change the quality of the images that appear in your web browser. The lower the quality you choose, the faster the pages will load. On dialup it is recommended that you use one of the lower quality settings to further enhance your internet experience. To change the image quality, ensure that the Stouffer Communications Web Accelerator is running. Click the Web Accelerator icon in the dock and choose the "Images" tab. Using the slider bar, you can change the image quality settings for the Web Accelerator.

Once you have set the image quality, click "Apply". You can now re-hide the application to the dock.