Internet Access

Wireless Broadband

Stouffer Communications offers fixed wireless broadband access with unprecedented performance and reliability. Proximity to local towers and design of gear insures reliability and eliminates connection vulnerability to weather conditions.

DSL (Wired Broadband)

Stouffer Communications' newest broadband Internet service is available in 417 area code to those with an active phone line.  Technological limitations may prevent some from getting the service.  DSL is always on and will not tie up your phone line.  The self-installation kit includes a filter for your phone line, all the necessary cables, and the modem.

High Speed Dial Up

We offer both dial up and high speed dial up.  Create an account today and receive up to five email accounts plus SPAM protection.

Hosting & Development

Stouffer Communications offers Internet hosting for your website, email, DNS, and database applications. Stouffer Communications features hosting plans to meet any sized budget, with redundant server technology to meet even the most demanding traffic needs. Featuring one of the area's fastest Internet connections, Stouffer Communications is equipped to provide Enterprise level hosting at reasonable rates.