DSL Pricing

If you live in the 417 area code, have an Ethernet card in your computer, and have an active phone line, have us check your number for availibility today! Use your phone line to connect to the Internet and never have busy signals or missed calls again.

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Plan Upload Download Monthly* Equipment* Email
Residential up to 384 Kb up to 1.5 Mb $39.95 $89.95 3
Residential up to 768 Kb up to 3 Mb $49.95 $89.95 3
Commercial up to 384 Kb up to 1.5 Mb $49.95 $89.95 10
Commercial up to 768 Kb up to 3 Mb $59.95 $89.95 10

Rates good for customers in Missouri only. Requires a one-year commitment for residential customers and a two-year commitment for commercial customers. All customers must pay by auto debit.

* Plus tax

A $35 Reactivation Fee will be charged if service is interrupted due to non-payment.